The 2nd Symposium on Multiscale, Multiphase, Multiphysics and Turbulent Flow Simulations in  ICNAAM 2017

The 2nd Symposium on Multiscale, Multiphase, Multiphysics and Turbulent Flow Simulations in ICNAAM 2017


25-30 September 2017, The Met Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece


The aim of this Symposium is to cover research areas related to multiscale, multiphase, multiphysics and turbulent flows and create a collaborative environment for the leading scientists and research groups to share their experiences in fundamental and applied aspects. The core objective is to have a thorough understanding of these fields by giving an in-depth analysis of the simulation and modeling approaches to demonstrate the recent novel methods and the theories.


Emphasis will not be only on the theoretical aspects but also on the implementation of numerical methods and algorithms used in large scale simulations of multiscale, multiphysics and turbulent flows. All application areas ranging from fluid dynamics and biomedical flows  to environmental sciences are welcome. The Symposium covers the following topics of interest but is not limited to:


                              • Multiscale methods and approaches

                              • Loose and tight coupling approaches for multiphysics problems

                              • Large scale parallel simulations

                              • Finite Element Methods

                              • Two- or three-phase flows

                              • Single and many-phase turbulent flows

                              • Turbulent reactive flows

                              • Large Eddy Simulations and subgrid modeling

                              • Work flows for multiscale models

                              • Stochastic flows and turbulent dissipation

                              • Parallel numerical algorithms related to flow simulations

                              • Discrete Element Method

                              • Lattice Boltzmann Method

                              • Quasi-Newton Methods for coupling problems



















Prof. Dr. M. Serdar ÇELEBİ,

Department of Computational Science and Engineering,

Istanbul Technical University- Turkey


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mine ÇAĞLAR,

Department of Mathematics,

Koç University - Turkey